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Trailer Park News / Re: RIP - A Place to Pay Your Respect For John Dunsworth
« Last post by gabety on Oct 18, 2017, 12:03 AM »
That's a good thing and what I and my friends will do at deer camp in November in the USA.  Every year we watched the TPB on DVD during camp. There will be a special commemoration for Mr. Dunsworth.
He made the show what it is today. It will never be the same. I'll miss him a lot.
But he's flying high.
In his honor, I'm gonna rewatch the entire show with all the extra movies on Netflix.

Rest Easy John.
Love you bud.
I came across a post one my facebook timeline from actress Emily Rose.. Aka Audrey Parker from the TV series Haven. Where John played the character Dave Teagues. If you haven't do so. Check it out. Good stuff.  The series is based on the Stephen King book series The Colorado Kid.

I was completely shocked when I heard the news yesterday. Life seems to be one shocking event after the next lately..... So much to process. John was an incredible actor, cast mate, proud father and friend. He epitomized the hard working, present, invested, joy-filled, child-like, talented, creative actor we all really hope to be. Every morning in the trailer he had jokes, questions, silly songs and just smiles all the way around. I feel incredibly blessed to have gotten to work with him for as long as I did, Nova Scotia’s heart is aching and everyone in our cast understands why. Miss you John, thank you for giving us YOU in the season of our lives where our paths crossed.
Sad day, not just one of my favorite TV characters of all time - but clearly just an all around good man. I have my signed Shitictionary from him from a couple years back...I will treasure it more now.

   Going to spend the evening watching a few eps. of TPB and drink 3-4 beers....on a Tuesday!.... Good Night John Dunsworth, you made millions laugh and smile many, many times. WHat better accomplishment is there?
genuinely upset by this. I've been marathoning the show since I heard last night with a whiskey in hand in honor of our fallen legend. Rest in Peace you magnificent drunken bastard
Devastating news, what a loss. A cornerstone of TPB, and by all accounts one of life's good guys. John set the gold standard for drunk trailer park supervision. Raising a glass to you tonight Mr Lahey. x
There are really no words in the english lexicabulary can truly describe the awesometitude and impactability of this beautifulious soul, well maybe just one word: Legendary. You will be missed good sir!
So sad to say goodbye to a man who, by all accounts, was beloved and sweet, a decent and loving man.  It was clear to see that he loved being on TPB, that life was his friend, and I'm glad that he enjoyed so many of the good things in life.  Great actor and the creator of perhaps the greatest drunk in comic history!  Imagine beating out WC Fields!  My heart goes out to his family, friends, and fans.  Also, I gotta say, I FEEL BADLY FOR PAT ROACH.  That guy gets no love in the TPB universe, but he's gotta be reeling from this.  Who else worked as closely with JFD?  Every season, every movie, every tour, those two were connected at the hip, and there surely was a very strong emotional bond between them, it's obvious.  Sorry, bud.
Trailer Park News / Re: RIP - A Place to Pay Your Respect For John Dunsworth
« Last post by gabety on Oct 16, 2017, 09:19 PM »
Saw Randy and Lahey back in February in Terre Haute, IN.  We have great photos and video from the meet and greet afterwards.  What a great person he was to us fans (not to leave out Randy).   
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