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Title: Hear Me Out!
Post by: Phill Cosby on Nov 16, 2017, 10:35 PM
Wassup shitbirds! So I was thinking since the passing of John Dunsworth a true ledgend NOT forgetting the rest of cast! Now I've been thinking in all my years watching TV series I've seen a lot of acting most of it I can see through when I'm stoned if you know what I mean? NOT with TPB you can genuinely see the bond between the cast. If they decide to continue I'm all for it but don't milk it if it doesn't work, instead why not come up with a completely new series with Ricky, Julian and bubbles possibly others because they clearly make amazing work together without those guys in suits that ruin shows for money. INSERT IDEAS DOWN BELOW FOR A POSSIBLE NEW SHOW/SERIES THAT THE GUYS COULD FIT IN Some of you might of seen the new Netflix series Disjointed - remove name if breaking the rules. Anyways we need more stoner and booze flix. Anyways night astronaut cocks!