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One last thing - Sammy OG, you're saying cuz too many times!  Like, one or two cuzes is cool, but like 80 or 90 cuzes, maan ??
)Seemed like a prime opportunity for Bubbles, what with running his own business and having a whip to get around in. And sparks immediately flew between Ricky and that hockey mom. Right away I was like Oh! Here's the new Lucy, but she just disappeared and never came back, much like the hot blonde pharmacist in season 8.
  So nice to see Barb back to her old self! They need to do the same with Sam. It's been over 2 seasons since he's been regular old caveman Sam and I'm ready for him to be reset to normal. I did like how you could still partially see the word Denture underneath Botox on the front of his business, though.
  Biggest gut buster of the season for me was when Randy used greasy pictures to blackmail Ted into taking him through the drive-thru at the King. I liked the blue cellophane he wore to enable him to don shirts, too. Overall, though, Randy was a little too dialed up this year for me. Kinda like season 7 Bubs, almost.
  Of course, J Roc is irreplaceable, though it was good to see T and the Rocpile still on their hustle. The cellphone business was a natural fit. I would have liked to have seen more T. Still want to see him and Sara hook up. Not enough Sara, either. I did like her and Bubbles having a heart to heart in his shed.
   No sappy music this season. I missed that. Every season should have a heartfelt moment or two with the sappy music.
  John Dunsworth was hands down the best actor on the show again, this season. Totally disagree with Mr. Rhoden here. Lahey really grew as a person this season, and they've never made him so sympathetic. Loved him trying to keep Randy from going down the same vengeful road as him. For the first time they showed him contented being sober, and I was actually hoping he wouldn't relapse. I know I'm in the minority here, cause JD can play drunk like no other, but I want to see Lahey achieve long term sobriety. Have the season end with him getting a one or two year token from AA and maybe they can get Ellen Page to make a surprise cameo as Barb convinces Trina to be a part of her dad's life again. It was a nice touch when Lahey said he already had one child who wouldn't be in his life anymore, and that would have been a good time to throw in the sappy music. Remember how season 6 ended without anybody going to jail, and it was like a breath of fresh air, how things worked out alright? I would like to see the same thing with Lahey's alcoholism.
   They gave a realistic and compelling reason for him to fall off the wagon, though - Tammy mindfucked him just like she did Ray. He was carrying around all this guilt and shame thinking he was Ricky's dad and discovered it was all a lie and he suffered through all that for nothing. And alcoholics usually go right back to being just as bad as they were when they relapse. I felt it was harder to buy Lahey's moderate drinking in season 10 than his Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde transformation in season 11.
   George Green was awesome this year, as a cock nozzle supreme. Man, it was fun to hate on him! Ever since him and Ted tried to kill Lahey, Randy and Phil I haven't looked at them the same. Fuck those guys! It really bothered me how Lahey worked with him in season 8 and how Lucy, Trinity and the baby stayed with him after that, so it was great to see him as a straight up villain. Don't ever care he somehow made police chief since the Sunnyvale police being stupid and corrupt is a basic conceit of the show. I knew he would get his in the end and sure enough he did.
  And I guess we'll get to see Ted as police chief next year. That should be fun, too, and I hope he goes down in the end, too. I wouldn't mind seeing Private Dancer as a cop next season, too, maybe just in a smaller role. They made the right call giving him a season off, but I like him as a Cyrus type adversary who just pops up here and there. A little of him goes a long way.
   Glad to see Candy gone and I hope she's gone for good. Still bugs me they gave her the same name as Julian's awesome girlfriend in season one.
    So,  uh, how did Ricky rent out that whole hockey rink for weeks on end? That was the one thing that really bugged me plot wise. The local hockey rink was a very hot ticket when I was growing up. Some kids I knew in high school used to rent it for an hour or two and it was always in the wee hours cause that was the only time they could get it. It wouldn't have taken much screen time to better explain it either. Part of the building was closed for renovations and Ricky had a deal with the janitor or something. Maybe they were growing in some other part of the building. Guess it had to be in the rink itself though, as some kind of Canadian sight gag.
   I wasn't sure how I felt about the Empire Strikes Back scene. If Lahey really was Ricky's dad it would have seemed lazy and cheating the moment but since he's not I guess that's okay. So have both those guys seen that movie way too many times like me and it's so ingrained they didn't even realize they were acting it out? It was funny how quickly Ricky adjusted to being Lahey's "son", too. Kind of reminded me of when he was temporary relief assistant park supervisor, only this time Lahey wasn't being a dick to him at all. My theory as to who Ricky's dad really is? (Stop reading it you don't wanna know)  I think Ricky and Julian will be revealed to be half-brothers, sharing the same father. And I'm guessing that dad will be Reggie at the scrapyard.
  Alright, that's enough brain thinkings from me I guess. I hope I didn't ramble on too long, but whatever, nobody made you sit and read it. Here's looking at Season 12
Lemme try again here...
  I thought season 11 was pretty good but not great. I'd put it slightly ahead of season 8, which it reminded me of in a lot of ways. They promised back to basics and that's what it was. Lots of callbacks, too. Bubbles trying the whole Jim bit, Ricky threatening to move to Toronto and become a street person, Mo shooting Ricky in the nutsack reminded me of his mom shooting Ricky in the bum when she was just a young 'un...
   I loved the scene where Mo actually shot Ricky, but there was too much grossness about Ricky's blurred out junk all hanging out after that.
   I agree with the people who were bitching about Ricky being too big of an asshole this season, but when you think about it, it makes sense. Lucy left, actually moved far away from Sunnyvale, he got shot in a place no man ever wants to take a slug and he was dealing with the mind fuckery of Lahey being his dad... even though, thank fuck, Lahey doesn't seem to be Ricky's father after all. I mean, they could probably reveal Julian secretly changed the evidence before him and Bubs went to the hospital, but why wouldn't he make it look like Ray was Ricky's dad like we all thought for so many seasons? At any rate, I hope Ricky is a bit less mean next season. Loved him tricking the cops this year though. Top form for those bits.
   Julian was really good this year. JP seemed very at ease in front of the camera. He's basically a straight man, but sometimes he can seem a little too stiff.
   Bubbles was slightly too hammy. People always pine for season 1 and 2 Bubbles to return, but that's never going to happen. It makes sense that the Boys would have drawn him out of his shell and there's no going back in. I used to hate showing newbs the first couple seasons of TPB and them asking if Bubbles was retarded. Subsequent seasons don't seem to get that reaction. I like seasons 3 through 6 Bubbles the best myself. They took the character a little too over the top in season 7. Loved his goofy little truck this year, and that bit where he tried to use it to open Julian's storage container, I could see a mile away how that would end up but it made me howl with laughter anyway.
   That storage container abode was great. Here in Detroit it's a growing trend to convert those into living spaces. Jules needs to go next level and cut some windows and a proper door into that bitch. Maybe get a honey to shack up with him, a least for a night or two.
   Bummer none of the Boys had love interests this season. (I'm not counting Julian and Barb since that clearly seems to be a business arrangement to him!
Now that I've watched S11 a few times:
First, I don't hate the Netflix seasons as much as a lot of the TPB army seems to.  I think after seven seasons and so many movies and specials, they had to start switching things up.  TPB always did this, from shuffling the authority from Lahey to Randy to Ricky, etc to introducing new elements, like puppets and lions and rock stars.  Change is vital to the TPB ethos.
Second, I didn't hate the celebs in the last season -- Snoop Dogg has never been better.
That being said, I thought S11 was good, very good, but not altogether better than previous seasons.  I just like having the boys around.
Third, I was glad several rumors, such as the reign of the bottle kids or the entry of Dice Clay, didn't pan out -- those were just the whispering winds of shit!
HOWEVER I will say this: They've jumped the shark with the venerable Jim Lahey.  This amazing character has been all over the map during his run in the TPB canon.  He's been an authoritarian, then a drunk, then a sober playing a drunk, then a psychotic, then a sane drunk playing sober.  He's been supervisor, assistant supervisor, out of the park, back in the park.  He's had a stroke, been on cocaine, freaked out and left the country.  He's been on the force and off, then back on and then off again!  He's been a loving father / mentor and a benign babysitter.  This season he was a sympathetic authority but not the antagonist (Randy's job this season) but wound up, as in the last few seasons, with the same trajectory: He starts off the season as a reasonable sober man and winds up a drunk lunatic.  Seems to me every season since 5 has followed this Lahey trajectory, though I'm not bothering to go back and research it.  The point is the same.  They've hit a dead-end on Jiim Lahey.  He's been everywhere and back again.  But change is what makes TPB vital, and they need to find some way to change Lahey and still keep him relevant.  I also missed J to the ROC, but I have to admit I did not miss Lucy at all.  I wasn't impressed with the fake new Lucy they tried to shoe-horn into that hockey mom role, but,  y'know, whatever.  Glad to see Leslie Dancer sitting this season out, but I thought Sam Losco was done too -- he seems like a relic in that role, and he just performs the same story function (the boys' personal medic) over and over again.  I repeat, CHANGE IS GOOD.
Season 11 Episode Discussion Threads / Re: Overall Season 11 Discussion
« Last post by Elle on Apr 16, 2017, 03:39 PM »
I loved the Season.  I am hoping in Season 12 they will have Lahey and Ricky get an actual DNA test proving Lahey is Ricky's father. Sam having mixed up the blood samples .   Maybe have Ricky's mother Tammy show up out of the blue after all these years and maybe she is related to Barb and Barb knew along where she was. I don't know.   I would like to see Lucy back.  Maybe have her having plastic surgery and making it big in LA  as an actress/model or something.  Lucy returns to  Sunnyvale only to take Trinity and little Mo back to LA.  Bring back J-roc as well.

Only my thoughts.  I am so looking forward to Season 12.   I have started to re-watch Season 1 to 11 again LOL.   Love the trailer park boys.   It is my favorite Canadian show.
Trailer Park Chat / Re: Filming locations
« Last post by Mavrick on Apr 13, 2017, 11:23 PM »
Thank you! I did not see the "frequently asked questions" I'm new here. Thank you for your reply.
Trailer Park Chat / Re: Filming locations
« Last post by DavidB_Bubbles on Apr 13, 2017, 10:48 PM »
A lot of your questions can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions Thread. Although kind of out of date. It is located here:

But a quick copy & paste of your question:

Where is the trailer park?

The show was shot in a real trailer park the first four seasons.

Season 1 was filmed in Sackville.
Season 2 was filmed in Dartmouth, by the Tuft's Cove Generating Station
(You can often see the 3 red and white stacks in the background)
Season 3 was filmed in Timberlea
Season 4 was filmed in Eastern Passage

All four of these were existing trailer parks in the Halifax-Dartmouth area of Nova Scotia, an East coast province of Canada.

For Season 5 and beyond they bought a plot of land and brought in some trailers to use as their own "trailer park" set.  It is located in Cole Harbour, just outside of Dartmouth.  Cole Harbour is where Mike Clattenburg, JP Tremblay and Robb Wells are from.  It is also the hometown of the captain of the Stanley Cup champions Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby. The set is closed to the public.  Update...the trailers are now gone from the set.
TPB #3 was a trailer park in Harrietsfield.
Season 8 and 9 are using a park in Truro, NS.

Update: Now I believe but not 100% sure that season 10 & 11 were filmed in the same Trailer Park in Truro, N.S.

Trailer Park Chat / Filming locations
« Last post by Mavrick on Apr 13, 2017, 10:33 PM »
Something Iv'e been eager to know is where the first season through the fifth season where all filmed. What parks to be exact.
Trailer Park Chat / Re: TPB Out of the Park : Europe
« Last post by shake on Apr 11, 2017, 10:16 AM »
I watched it all and I have to agree with some of what you guys have said already.
Yes it is seemed ridiculous that Swearnet, who really is the boys, would make their TPB characters look like pussies for not throttling that Swearnet guy and taking his money, or just for the fun of it. He had it coming!  They also made themselves look like cunts with the pissing on the CSN guys' clothes and giving that troll thing a wedgy.  Of course though the characters not being likable anymore is nothing new.
All that aside I have to say overall I did enjoy it, even more than some of the later seasons.  I liked just watching the boys being the boys, no crazy arcs where Lahey is trying to kill them or whatever, I enjoyed watching them and was even interested in seeing what would happen next.

I agree seeing Forsberg and Tikkanen was cool.  I am just wondering though if Forsberg was always shooting from that distance why didn’t Ricky come out and cover the angles :)  I actually would have liked to hear more stories from Tikkanen, that Edmonton Oilers team was the great team of all-time!

I had seen the clips of Ricky retching and thought it was gross too, but when I saw it in the show I couldn’t help but laugh.  Also the karaoke scene where when Bubbles sang falsetto it freaked Ricky out since he thought Conky was taking over Bubbles, I loved that! I found several things funny, I enjoyed watching it.

I would like to see more stuff like this.  If they do need tasks to get the story going just have more reasonable, yet still funny tasks.  I agree the idea of them starving was silly.
Trailer Park Chat / Re: TPB Out of the Park : Europe
« Last post by moncton velvet smooth on Apr 11, 2017, 12:59 AM »
  Well, I hooked up with Netflix to see season 11 and finally got around to watching Out of the Park, too. In the past I would have never waited that long to see a TPB project, but somehow I didn't have the bar set too high for this.
  Aaaand, it wasn't all that hot. I took several nights to get through it and probably won't watch it again. Not a whole lot of laughs. And I really got tired of them starving. Seems like they would find a way to make money beyond what stupid tasks the Swearnet dick give them. And seems like people would just give them food, liquor and dope. If season 2 comes to Detroit, I'm saying right here I will buy those fuckers food. They just need to go into the Traffic Jam at 511 W. Canfield and tell those bastards to put whatever they want on KJ's tab.
   That Swearnet guy sure was a cock, too. He was really good at it, but I half expected him to get knocked out, set up with a tranny hooker or some such other comeuppance.
   For once I was glad to see Sebastian Bach. He was actually really funny and the fact that wasn't even his boat was the kicker.
    I enjoyed Ricky being so mad/confused about the language barrier, too. Just didn't understand at all. I liked the various reworkings of the theme song, too, but overall not much of a fan of this spin-off.
   I'm giving season 11 a second watching and will weigh in with all my brain thinkings about that when I'm done
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