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The new album HOUNDSTOOTH is a big fat slab of greasy riffs, cool grooves, snarky lyrics, and general bad-assitude!  Includes numerous songs inspired by TRAILER PARK BOYS, including HARD AS FUCK, WAY OF THE ROAD, PARTS UNKNOWN and many others.  Available as singles or buy the whole album for under ten bucks (download, CD is 12.99 on Amazon).

Amazon download:


General Chat / Re: its been a while
« Last post by Auterberlin on Oct 01, 2017, 06:23 PM »
Making me hungry just looking at it
If you make a cutout of that picture alone that'd be the most awesome thing. No need for another picture!
Trailer Park Chat / Re: Favourite TPB episode of all time and why?
« Last post by Auterberlin on Oct 01, 2017, 06:21 PM »
I don't remember what the episode name was, but it's the one where they try to start up a hotel chain by refurnishing some old property. I find that one hilarious.
Sports / Greasy Sunnyvale Fanacie Hockey League
« Last post by getzlaugh on Sep 19, 2017, 10:26 PM »

It's that time of year again boys. Who want's to play some fuckin' Fanacie Hockey?

The Greasy Sunnyvale Hockey League
- no buy-in. Purely for TPB & hockey fans alike to talk shit and have some competitive fun.
- 16 teams max
- 25 player rosters (3C, 6W, 6D, 2G, 8 Bench)
- Head-to-Head format, 11 Stat Categories (G, A, +/-, PPP, PIM, HITS, SOG, W, GAA, SV%, SO)
- 4 Divisions (the Green Bastard, Bottle Kids, Conky, Piss Jugs), each division winner secures a top-playoff seed
- Top 8 teams qualify for post-season
- Shit Talking, TPB themed team names, drinking liqour and smoking dope strongly encouraged.

Draft is scheduled for this Sunday 9/24/17 at 6pm PDT. If necessary, draft will be postponed 1 week to Sunday 10/1/17 6pm PDT to fill open spots.

Click on link above to join.


I am throwing a St. Patricks Day event with a Trailer Park Boys theme. I just had a great idea to have people take pictures with the Green Bastard himself. I have been hunting for a head-to-toe picture of Bubbles to make a cardboard cut out but this may be the best I can find in good quality:

I am looking to see if anyone has ever seen a cutout or a better picture to make one.

Any ideas appreciated!

Thank You!   :beermug:
Thank you shake. I was hoping the first link would of actually been Barrie Dunn, the tweets are priceless and its got almost  20k followers. I'll try to find out if you can pm people on twitter
Without even checking I would bet they are not him.  Perhaps somebody else can confirm but I doubt that Barrie Dunn would have a Ray account.
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