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Season 12 Discussion Forum / Re: Season 12 discussion thread
« Last post by gabety on Apr 27, 2018, 08:14 AM »
I've not finished the whole season yet.  I agree with a lot of the points others are making such as:
"Over dressed sets" I knew that but didn't know to describe my feeling in words, PERFECT  jtotheROCfan
Seeing characters and actors from earlier episodes good.  Agreed Shake.
"The seasons (Netflix) are getting better as they go"  Agreed pilsbandy_doughboy.

I noticed so far that it's almost two shows.  Randy and Lahey then Ricky Julian and Bubbles.  I wish I had never known that the voice of Donnie was Mike Smith now that they show "Donnie".  Just can't get past that.
I know it's been said before regarding other Netflix seasons but they are writing way to many Rickyisms.  It's over kill.  They have more effect when used sparingly and cleverly.
I loved the subtle joke when bubbles referred to his Green Bastard Truck as the LGBT

I hope they continue and can find a way to return to greatness.  Wish they could get some collaboration again with Clattenburg.
Season 12 Discussion Forum / Re: Season 12 discussion thread
« Last post by hawkluvbeer on Apr 25, 2018, 05:07 PM »
I just finished up on the season. I enjoyed it. I didnt watch it to be critical, but to rather get lost for a bit and laugh.  I did both. I am going to go through it again, because I assume like other seasons, there were things I missed. 

I also enjoyed watching ep. 1, season 1 again immediately after.  Kind of makes you feel old, realizing how long the boys have been on my TV.  The reunions were nice, and I realized how many characters I enjoy and wished I could have seen more of.  :congrats:

General Chat / Re: Is This Place & Swearnet Dead?
« Last post by gabety on Apr 24, 2018, 09:19 PM »
I'll admit I've been removed from the site but not giving up on the boys.   
Questions for the TPB / Re: WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE THEME SONG!?!??!
« Last post by gabety on Apr 24, 2018, 09:17 PM »
You know I don't think anybody denied a connection to a few bars from Tony Bennet's song.  Even Tony.
I don't know if that's how they still do it but I would be aware of that.  Get in line early if there is one.  I've been and people didn't know and there was a limited number available.  Good Luck, they are great people to meet.
Music / Re: what song are you listening to right now?
« Last post by gabety on Apr 24, 2018, 09:09 PM »
I found Sofie Tukker on You Tube today, "Batshit"  it's awesome.  great beat and a good video
Season 12 Discussion Forum / Re: Season 12 discussion thread
« Last post by jtotheROCfan on Apr 17, 2018, 04:17 AM »
Meh, I’m not impressed so far.

Without getting into in depth critique (I’ve still got two episodes to watch) I’ve found this season a bit hard going. I usually binge watch them in the first few days but I can’t bear it this time. It seems the same as the last 4 seasons, moments of brilliance amongst hours of bullshit.

I liked the scene where Ricky was eating cat treats, it looked ad-libbed and was genuinely funny, but then it’s back to the shouting and over dressed sets. Nothing else much stands out in my mind. Good to see John Dunsworth one more time. He’ll be missed.

I have a lot of respect for the boys, resurrecting the show, and they’re clearly talented at playing their characters, but they can’t write comedy for shit! Seriously, they need to get some writers in and a better director.

Did you notice how the season 12 release on Netflix was decidedly more low key than previous seasons? I can only imagine viewership has taken a tumble.

I agree, get a director and some writers, make them watch seasons 1-7 and tell them “make us more like that”
Season 12 Discussion Forum / Re: Season 12 discussion thread
« Last post by pillsbandy_doughboy on Apr 01, 2018, 12:27 PM »
Yeah, the seasons are getting better as they go. 12 > 11 > 10 > 9 > 8.

I just... why can't they just give the fans what they want?

Its not like Netflix gives a shit.

Hire some writers with the Netflix money. Tell them to watch the first seven seasons and write some new material based on only that. Forget everything after 7 exists. Yeah they would have to write around the actors that are never coming back, but thats doable.

Its sad that Dunsworth's final five seasons ever were not that great. What a waste. Think of what could have been done.

I dont mean to rain on anyones parade. If you like the show how it is just ignore my post and discuss away.
Season 12 Discussion Forum / Re: Season 12 discussion thread
« Last post by shake on Mar 31, 2018, 02:51 PM »
I watched it all, yeah I think season 11 and 12 are the best of the Netflix seasons, they were less over the top than the other seasons, more character based.  Especially season 12.  Cool to see Candy again!  It was nice to see Lahey and the boys at peace instead of just more of the same stuff.
Season 12 Discussion Forum / Re: Season 12 discussion thread
« Last post by shake on Mar 30, 2018, 02:08 PM »
I have to say it is some sad to see John Dunsworth now. 

It was good to see Gary the Mall Cop again!

Just watched the opening of Ep 3, that was one of the funniest openings I have seen in  a while!  Ha ha Ricky grabbing the pantsless Randy's foot and spinning him while talking on the phone.  Smashing his thumb and throwing away the hammer :) 

The scene with Ricky snorting the whipped cream, or whatever it was, was funny too, good episode!

I like that Donnie is visible now, or at least all of him but his face, funny stuff.

Ricky's new gf is Susan Kent, she is a regular on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, she is very funny!
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