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Author Topic: Is there any way to get a hold of Mike Smith?  (Read 2146 times)

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Is there any way to get a hold of Mike Smith?
« on: Apr 17, 2009, 12:40 PM »
On Wed. April 15th 2009, the Trailer Park Boys cast came to Lindsay Ontario for a show at the Academy Theater. After which they signed autographs and took pictures with the fans, then went back to the motor home (i believe it was, a nice one too). Some fans from the college got pissed off because they wouldnt come back out for pictures 'n shit and were swearing and screeming....quite immature.
Anyways, my little brother had his guitar with him that night and instead of yelling with everyone else he sat down against the building and started to play. People started to leave i guess and Robb Wells (Ricky) looked out the window, called over to Mike (Bubbles), then they both got out and went over to him while John (Julian)said HI then was busy signing and taking pictures with the other fans. Mike told him, my brother, that HE was reason they came out and asked to see his guitar.

Long story short they started paying guitar together lol
Me, my brother and our two younger siblings have been through a lot and we havent been able to enjoy a lot of things most people get to.
So I wanted to try and get a hold of Mike and Robb to say thank you.
It ment a lot to him and means a lot to me....of course he rubbed it in my face a little because i was suppose to go see them but plans changed. But I dont mind, he's happy. Meeting the Trailer Park Boys is the best and most exciting thing thats happened to him and I know it will deffinitely be his best childhood memory.