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Author Topic: The word on the special, movie and future of TPB from Mike Clattenburg  (Read 61778 times)

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That's a fair two cents.  Well done.
Honestly, the only thing that really leaves me unfulfilled, is that I never got to see them be popular here in the States.  I've turned some friends on to them in the past, but except for their stint on Kimmel, it's really been kinda dry down here.  It's too bad.  Other than that, I also think Clattenburg was smart to end it when he did, and countdown to Liquor Day was the perfect way to wrap the series!


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Yeah I got to agree the market for TPB boys in the United States is wide open. Being from the south I knew people from trailer parks and all the same shit from the show goes down in them. I got a cousin who goes to jail every 6 months or so lives in a trailer park smokes weed and grows it. Whose that sound like...

Sometimes I think they need better media for the states and a channel that will play the episodes the whole way though...I'm positive if they got the exposure they would be huge in the states. We all like to smoke weed and get drunk and laugh in the USA.

Either way one of the funniest shows I've ever watched and i'm from Chicago, IL. So big props to everyone involved with the show and don't think it could'nt get HUGE in the States.
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They sold out 2 shows in Atlanta. :D

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