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Author Topic: Movie bloopers and other things  (Read 2150 times)

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Movie bloopers and other things
« on: Mar 05, 2008, 11:29 PM »
Ok Sorry to bring this up you guys. My number one thing when I own a movie is to catch flaws within the filming. I wanted to show you guys some stuff I noticed during the movie, four thing in total so far (with pictures in order ).

1)Subtitling. They fucked it over big time. I only use subtitling when I am looking for quotes or viewing it at late night hours and I can't completely hear the dialogue. There are many times in there they screw up and I can't remeber the exact places but one place was during the helicopter chase. (Ex. Original Dialogue Ricky -"Fuck I Gotta Piss Julian" Closed Captioned Ricky- "This Fucker Gonna get us, Julian?" Now Don't you lose some of the comedy there, and this is only one example.)

2)During the Helicopter chase, they fucked up the distance shots of them stopping the Car. In close up shots, you see bubbles in the back of the car but when they take further away shots, bubbles is missing. (#92 is shot with bubbles, #93, #94 and #100- Bubbles is missing)

3)During the wedding.They use am imposter shitmobile. to be exact, they use the christmas special shitmobile and paint it so it looks more like the real one (when I first saw it. the damage to the Quarterpanel on the driver's side didn't look right and the rust I could tell was brown paint. When I got a view of the car from a further distance shot, for sure I could tell it was the christmas shitmobile because I recognized the two big dents that they put on the drivers side driving into the underground post) (#102, rear quarterpanel that just looks wrong, #104 and #105 Damage That Identifies it is christmas shitmobile, #108 Christmas shitmobile reference Photo)

4) When Ricky and Julian come home from jail and meet layhey. Now if you look closely at robb wells, you will see that his foot is in a black cast. This makes the line, "Come on Ricky, Lets start off on the right foot" mor of a joke becase it was his right foot he broke. (pointed out by clattenburg in the commentary.) (#90, Shot of ricky in cast, #91 Close up shot of cast)

Click on title to see blowup, Some pictures difficult to see unless full screen.

"Dope, Dope Dopity, fuckin' Dope, Dope"- Ricky

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"It wasn't me, It was the Liquor"-Layhey


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Re: Movie bloopers and other things
« Reply #1 on: Oct 27, 2009, 06:12 PM »
oh come on, you can do that to any movie and find many errors
i must be fire retarded boys, shut the fuck up cuz your distractulating my case, i dont understand investaments julian, chances of getting caught out here are zerlow