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Author Topic: Season 7 - Episode 3  (Read 57182 times)

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Re: Season seven - Episode three
« Reply #175 on: May 27, 2007, 04:03 AM »
I also liked Phil screaming They tried to kill us Jimmy they're dirty cops, and Lahey telling him to shut up.

Lots of funny moments from this episode, but Phil screaming that was definitely the :lol: moment for me.  As a matter of fact, all 3 of us watching (my Mum [who I never thought would like TPB and who is totally addicted], my husband & myself) all burst out laughing at that.  We actually rewound that scene about 3 times in a row just to watch it again.. don't know why it had us laughing so hard, but it was a doozy!

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Re: Season seven - Episode three
« Reply #176 on: Apr 13, 2011, 08:00 AM »
This may or may not have been mentioned already, i only glanced through the first couple of pages of this thread, but what's the deal with Jacob ? The vibe i got from e3 was that he wants Julian's arse. Why is there so much gayness going on in that trailer park (not that there's anything wrong with that). Everyone wants Julian, it seems. It's quite funny though.

I think it's hilarious how everyone is gay for Julian, as it always makes him uncomfortable when other men come on to him or make "sexy" comments. It's like being sexy is the bane of his existence.

What makes it especially funny/kinda sad is that his luck with women isn't all that great. The black girl in season 1 was gonna move in ("Oh my God it's like a palace!") but dumped him when he fired off the gun at Ricky's aborted wedding, Constable Erica not only dumped him but arrested him (and he hadn't even done anything wrong) and the girl in Say Good Night to the Bad Guys bailed on him ten minutes into their date because she (understandably) didn't want to be in the middle of the shootout. She wasn't even around long enough for anybody to see her face! Poor Sexian. The only time he ever had decent luck with a chick was in Big Dirty, and he still cared more about that giant ball of change than he did that hot girl ("We don't have time for chicks right now! We gotta figure out a way to steal change!")

If you actually watch closely in this ep, Jacob doesn't just take a drink when he does, he stands beside him in an identical pose and mimics EVERY SINGLE GESTURE Julian makes - sip, hand on hip, scratch nose, another sip, etc.

This was the first TPB episode I ever saw, my husband found it online a little over a year ago and I thought it was the funniest thing I'd ever seen, even though I had no idea what the fuck it was. I had heard the name of the show but I thought it was something stupid like the Jerky Boys, those guys who made the prank phone calls. This episode is still my all-time favorite because it set my shit straight. So many great things - Ray skinning the door of Lahey's car while Donny screams "HAVE ANOTHER FUCKING DRINK RAY", Lahey and his bathrobe getting caught on the door latch, Phil screaming "THEY TRIED TO KILL US JIMMY THEY DID THEY'RE DIRTY FUCKING COPS!", Julian putting along VERY SLOWLY on that lawnmower with Lahey and Randy's limp bodies draped over him, Lahey very gravely telling Ray, "I'm gonna have to hit you in the face - fifteen or twenty times."


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Re: Season seven - Episode three
« Reply #177 on: Apr 13, 2011, 06:06 PM »
So many great things - Ray skinning the door of Lahey's car while Donny screams "HAVE ANOTHER FUCKING DRINK RAY"
This is probably one of the greatest moments of TPB.  Notice also at that same moment the barking dog from Season 1.  I'll bet if they do a special 10 years from now, we'll still hear that fucking dog.  That dog must be immortal.

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Re: Season 7 - Episode 3
« Reply #178 on: Jan 02, 2012, 04:30 AM »
 "Three Good men Are Dead"
   Worth reading this thread just for DenailandError's idea of having Sarah as Trailer Park Supervisor. Why wasn't she or J-Roc or T in court to glory in the downfall of George and Ted? Hell, Bill and Alveena should've made the trip.
   Ray sure kills that 40 of liquor quick!
   Jimmy shuts down Phil just like he shuts down Randy and with oodles more contempt.
    I imagine Phil with a skanky cheating ex-wife who borns his "sons" with other men rather than them being adopted. But that's probably a mystery Clattenburg will take to his grave.
    I think that carbon monoxide got to Bub's head. Notice Smith accidentally says "Ray!" instead of "Randy!" when he rushes into the smoky trailer?
    Probably my favorite ep of Season 7. Hilarious shit! :6paper: :6paper: :6paper: :6paper: :6paper:
And Shitrock's in the cradle and J-Roc's hoes
  Little Bobandy and the way that she goes
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 But we'll get drunk and eat chicken fingers then, Dad.
 We'll get drunk and eat chicken fingers then


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Re: Season 7 - Episode 3
« Reply #179 on: Jan 15, 2012, 08:16 AM »
better late than never---(from page one) RECIDIVIST is a habitual criminal .
I could not even watch the 7th season when it was aired. The tone of the show felt fucky...however, I watched it in one fell swoop on YT. It had some peak moments (although why Ricky didn't smash Tommy boy into a freakin trailer is beyond me)
3 Good men are Dead was wasome.
Ricky losing his pants was a highlight.  :ricky: ;)
Denny Doherty was a highlight.
Bees stuck to fatties was a highlight "Is this honey oil?" made me lmao...
The whole Jacob rocking Jule's look was weird. But I liked the mustard glass...
And Bubs, poor Bubs, became such a pussy in the last few seasons...made me sad.
 'Have another drink, Ray' was classic.
And that's that. It ended well, and that's the way she goes...  :P
This can't fail boys :D