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Author Topic: Season 7 - Episode 1  (Read 39906 times)

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Re: Season 7 - Episode 1
« Reply #125 on: Oct 23, 2011, 02:15 AM »
 TRAILER PARK BOYS LATE NITE TV NERD BAKE-A-THON                                                                                                                                                                                                 I like the HD look. It's a real greasy updated early John Waters kind of look. Hard to believe Julian wouldn't somehow convince Ricky to sell his dope for less when Ricky's burning two pounds of it.
    Julian never even delivered pizzas when he was starving in season 5. They shoulda had Sarah razz him about it, too. She does that so well, like with Ricky's cooler.
    Can't believe that after so many viewings of this I never noticed how Randy's completely absent. Guess he was at home baked, eating cheeseburgers and playing video games. He would have been great selling mackarel with Phil, though Lahey might not like that as the other cops know what's up with him and Randy. Probably they needed Pat Roach at work.
   So at the end of Season 6 nobody went to jail but a couple of characters did go to the mental institution. I love the montage with sappy music like when Bubbles talks about being orphaned or Lahey and Randy come out. Wish the montage was longer and focused more solely on Ricky's abuse of them. Don't blame Cory Bowles and Michael Jackson one little bit for leaving, as hilarious Cory and the Trevster were. Playing characters that keep getting stupider and more dependent has to get old after awhile. I mean, on Family Guy at least Meg gets to have a brain!
And Shitrock's in the cradle and J-Roc's hoes
  Little Bobandy and the way that she goes
When ya get outta jail, son? Dad, I don't know when
 But we'll get drunk and eat chicken fingers then, Dad.
 We'll get drunk and eat chicken fingers then