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Author Topic: MASCOTS and the death of the Mockumentary format  (Read 863 times)

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MASCOTS and the death of the Mockumentary format
« on: Oct 29, 2016, 01:52 AM »
Has anyone here seen Christopher Guest's new mockumentary MASCOTS on Netflix?  Handily the worst of the five, this retread is dreary and dismal and stale in just about every way.  A word about the Guest films -- the ones that work have likeable characters and actually entertaining climax sequences (Waiting for Guffman, A Mighty Wind).  The ones which don't work have shrieking, unlikable characters and an climactic sequence which falls flat (Best in Show, For Your Consideration).  MASCOTS is one of the latter, and a very bad one.  Anybody agree or disagree?

Also, it seems to me that with the cancellation of THE MUPPETS tv series of last year (they began with an OFFICE-style mockumentary feel but dropped it in a last-minute revamp which failed to save the show) and this awful Guest movie, sure to win no new fans, I think the mockumentary concept has run its course and its on the way out.  It used to be everywhere, now it's disappearing fast.  I mention this here because, of course, TPB is a mockumentary, and it's been on the cutting edge for a while.  But even that basic pillar of the show is falling out of fashion.  What will this mean for the boys?  I read here that a lot of fans don't like the newer Netflix seasons, but I do -- in a lot of ways I think they're better than some of the Showcase seasons (I'm looking at you, Seasons 5 & 6).  The climaxes of the new seasons, especially this last one, were great.  And with OUT OF THE PARK out in its first season, there are to be others presumably (the boys shoot these while on tour I believe).  Keeping the sitcom alive keeps them on tour and that'll keep the new show afloat for a while.  So I don't see TPB going anywhere anytime soon.  But the hairs may be turning a bit gray, and the mockumentary hair, I'm afraid, is a big one.