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Author Topic: Overall Season 11 Discussion  (Read 301 times)

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Overall Season 11 Discussion
« on: Apr 07, 2017, 08:57 AM »
Unfortunately the Org was down for a few days, sorry if people didn't get to post their comments in the Episode threads.

Reminder:  If you haven't seen the whole season yet there will be spoilers in the thread!

Overall I think it was the best of the Netflix era seasons.  I think it was less over the top and relied more just on the characters than the other Netflix, and even some non-Netflix seasons.  For one thing there were no puppets :)  I am glad to see Bubbles got his "give us a kissy" bit in with the lobster, that was my favorite Conky bit.  I thought that Ricky nut injury was kind of gross and over the top but other than that I was happy with the season.

It was great to see Nathan MacKinnon show off his hockey skills!

So all those people that were freaking out that Julian was gone can relax now.  I can't believe that some people thought he'd be gone for good, or even a little while.  I wonder how the pouching lobster angle will play in the Maritimes, that is a real taboo!

Yeah I always thought the Lahey being Ricky's father thing made no sense.  If Lahey really thought he was his father why wouldn't he have been more helpful to him, rather than trying to ruin his life all the time.  Also why would he let those women blackmail him last season. (I thought that storyline and the stuff they did with Randy was WAY over the top).  With Ray's recent death and Ricky's mother long out of the picture you'd think he would have wanted to tell Ricky himself if he thought he was his father.

I thought the Sam botox face was funny.  Also I was happy to see Cape Breton mentioned so often, Lahey even had a Cape Breton flag in his place for some reason.  J ROC was my favorite character but I still managed to enjoy this season without him.
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Re: Overall Season 11 Discussion
« Reply #1 on: Apr 09, 2017, 05:07 AM »
Agree, i really liked the Lobster scene, it seemed like he ad-libbed that scene,it didn't seem scripted like so much of it? it flowed really well and was genuinely funny.

Anyway, here goes...

I think the boys have upped their game somewhat, some definite improvements this season but still a way to go.  I may go as far as to say that they have taken some of the feeback from here and Fb onboard??

Good points –
More mockumentary based like the old episodes, a definite plus.

Largely doing away with the lame celebrity appearances that dogged the last few seasons

More focused around the boys and their exploits, which was great to see finally.

Stopped the season long changing of the park into a retirement home,bar etc etc.

Managed to cope well with the loss of Lucy and J-Roc

Overall, some really positive improvements, I wasn’t utterly disappointed as some people seem to be.

Bad Points -
Much more mockumentary needed, I cant say this enough. You can’t change the basic format of the show and expect it to remain funny.

Ricky is still uber aggressive and hyper stupid. This just doesn’t work. It’s killing the character to the extent that I fast forward through his scenes. Bubbles needs to tone it down too, get back to season 1-2 type Bubbles where I believe he was at his funniest.

Im not sure I like the season long ‘one big caper’ the endless focus on creating the energy reducing weed drink was boring after a while. I think episode long storylines work best, continually changing the scam the boys are involved in keeps it fresher (though I concede they’d have to start hiring more writers to come up with 10 storyline per season)

Still too americanised and tailored to the Netflix audience. I miss the subtle Canadian humour. For example, I really liked the gag  (in episode 1 I think??) where Ricky is being interviewed about getting his life together and then they cut scene to him smoking week from some vegetable pipe he has made. Really great stuff. Conversely, Ricky lying on a table screaming getting his ball sack glued back together, wasn’t really funny at all.

Why does everyone have to have a business?? What was the point of that phone repair shop? The Roc Pile could have been used to far better end in season 11, the phone shop was like a weight around their neck.

That Star Wars scene was overdone to the point it was cringeworthy. 

The stage props  still look over egged and unrealistic. The greatest bits of TPB are filmed in just a plain old trailer park, you don’t need the piles of garbage and broken patio furniture piled up everywhere. The part in (season 3 I think?)  where Ricky is found lying on the road passed out (link below) is a classic and hugely minimal prop wise, and works all the better for it. Get rid of the old school bus, get rid of the old shitty sofas lying about. It adds very little. Go back to basics.

Overall Season 11 was OK but still not one I’m likely to re-watch anytime soon.  I’ll certainly keep going and tune in for season 12 as it is getting slightly better each time.


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Re: Overall Season 11 Discussion
« Reply #2 on: Apr 16, 2017, 03:39 PM »
I loved the Season.  I am hoping in Season 12 they will have Lahey and Ricky get an actual DNA test proving Lahey is Ricky's father. Sam having mixed up the blood samples .   Maybe have Ricky's mother Tammy show up out of the blue after all these years and maybe she is related to Barb and Barb knew along where she was. I don't know.   I would like to see Lucy back.  Maybe have her having plastic surgery and making it big in LA  as an actress/model or something.  Lucy returns to  Sunnyvale only to take Trinity and little Mo back to LA.  Bring back J-roc as well.

Only my thoughts.  I am so looking forward to Season 12.   I have started to re-watch Season 1 to 11 again LOL.   Love the trailer park boys.   It is my favorite Canadian show.