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Author Topic: Behind the scenes interview with Mike, Barrie and Volpe  (Read 1007 times)

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The DVDs have a lot of interesting behind the scenes content but this one in particular was kind of uncomfortable to watch, it was an interview where Mike Clattenburg, Barrie Dunn and Michael Volpe all spoke. Mike was pretty harsh on Barrie and Volpe (Mike was kind of a dick to shame Volpe for living with his mom) but granted, he had his own reasons and like he said, after the alcohol wore off Barrie and Volpe started going at each other (not physically of course) so um, it's sorta impressive they lasted working so many years together.

Michael Jackson (Trevor) decided to throw in the towel and he did the right thing as he didn't feel like the enviroment was good for him. Besides, once Mike Clattenburg stopped directing the episodes the show just went to the shitter, imo. So.. not much was lost, after all, the best of the series is in the past (Seasons 1-6 and some of 7).

Anyhow, I'm guessing most own the DVDs so a good chunk of you have already seen it.