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Author Topic: TPB Style Short Film about Two guys going to see a Tragically Hip Concert  (Read 1644 times)

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So much like everyone else here I'm a TPB fan, obviously, but I'm also a Tragically Hip and Rush fan. Years ago I decided to do a TPB style short film, by basically copying the style and even shooting in many locations the boys shot at, just with different characters. It was shitty and low budget, but if your a fan of TPB, especially the old seasons, you may enjoy this... or you may not. Regardless it was originally called "Oddawa Meets Halifax" because it was about two guys from Ottawa Ontario going to Halifax. Here's the strange part, one character loves the shit out of Gord Downie, so after many years I decided to put it up on youtube and call it "Our Embarrassingly Canadian Tribute to Gord Downie". So here it is, hope you enjoy, Id love to hear what you think. Its amateur shit but it has its moments and if we can embarrass ourselves and make you laugh, then it works for us. Some of the older members might remember this from years ago. With Gord Downie sick I thought it was a good idea to post this as a thank you to him. We planned the general idea and the locations but it was all just made up on the spots (dialogue). So if you like it, cool, if not then tell me to fuck off and that I got work to do!
Thank you


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Cool stuff :)