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Author Topic: Thank you, Lucy (Lucy DeCoutere) and Jonathan Torrens (J-Roc).  (Read 2602 times)

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Admittedly Trailer Park Boys should have ended a couple years ago but seeing that it's still on going (hopefully Season 11 is the last) it will be disappointing and saddening to see they won't have either of these two actors/actresses.

J-Roc on the original seasons of TPB was awesome, adorable, memorable and hilarious plus his "nomesayin'?", "what's up, cracka? and then the whole acting tough whilst in prison. Man, he was really something! Furthermore, it was because of Trailer Park Boys that it made me check out other Canadian series (finished Corner Gas a couple months ago and still catching up with Heartland) so with this in mind I sure hope to see Jonathan Torrens in CA/US shows or films.

Then there's Lucy which while she wasn't my favourite she definitely had her moments and you know, Ricky saying "Don't you bang him, Lucy!" reminded me of "That's like asking N.W.A  to stop being black" because that's just how Lucy is. She bangs dudes.  :rofl:

And of course, it was great all due to the wise Mike Clattenburg who I hope produces a 3rd season of Black Jesus.