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Author Topic: Netflix releases Trailer Park Boys Season 10 on Monday March 28th  (Read 2934 times)

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Season 10 of Trailer Park Boys hits Netflix on Monday March 28 at 12:01 EDT !

Along with your favourite Sunnyvale characters, the park welcomes some very special guest stars, including Doug Benson, Tom Arnold, Jimmy Kimmel, and Snoop Dogg! Find out what the fuck they're up to.

So tell your friends and get the liquor in, it’s gonna be DECENT!!

Tiggy Puddin

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The trailer for TPB10 is here:

(how dafuck do you embed video on here? It's been a while :shock: )

Mitch Lahey

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I don't fuckin' know either, thnx Claire! :)
-Mitch Dolphin (I work for Cyrus now)

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