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Author Topic: Trailer Park Boys Season 9, Episode 1 Why in the Fuck is my Trailer Pink?  (Read 3844 times)

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Thoughts on Trailer Park Boys, Season 9, Episode #1 Why In The Fuck Is My Trailer Pink?  Discussion Thread
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Holy shit am I ever glad I watched season 8.5, you need it to know what the hell happened!  The story behind the Colonel is very interesting, with this ep it is like he just showed up out of nowhere.  And like I said before in the 8.5 discussion thread I liked it better than season 8!

As for this episode I loved that whole scene with Orangie!  Holy shit though, that is a lot of change that went on in the park!

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Ima hook up with swearnet for that season 8.5. I honestly thought swearnet was pretty weak sauce when it started, but after seeing how balls out the new season is, I just gotta go in for the extras.
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  Little Bobandy and the way that she goes
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This episode tickled my space time continuum.  Oh looky there that one and vacuum. 
I had to spell check.    :-s


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Highlites for me was Bubble's space-time continuum speech.
And loved how Julian just hands Lahey his drink...that would be step 1.
It was a good episode, and agree with shake...if you didn't watch season 8.5 on swearnet things wouldn't make much sense. 
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