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Author Topic: Trailer Park Boys Season 9, Episode 2 A Stable Fucking Environment  (Read 2379 times)

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Thoughts on Trailer Park Boys, Season #9, Episode #2 A Stable Fucking Environment Discussion Thread
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Ha ha funny how Julian is walking around like he is still carrying a drink, his body is conditioned to be in that position.  He had to look down to see it wasn't there :)

JROC is great again, "Hogan's Heroes" :)


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Julian walking around with his hands as if he has a glass... :lol:
Ricky "can I get my pay for showing up"... :lol:

  Julian pedalling a ridiculous ice cream bicycle selling blueberry vodka.... :lol:
Julian with the pale skinned face and dark circles around his eyes because he is not constantly drinking rum... :lol:

 Great epsiode!
"What's an aplitude test?"
"It's a suitability test Ricky"
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