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Author Topic: [Q] Timeline within story for everything  (Read 5337 times)

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[Q] Timeline within story for everything
« on: Jan 23, 2014, 11:14 AM »
I was trying to find this online but finding nothing much (other than the order of episodes, seasons, and movies, or just that things are non-cannon), however nothing is ever mentioned about the actual dates the things are supposed to be taking place afaik (not the actual release dates, but when in the stories). The only thing in particular is the flashback to 1977 when the boys are in the 7th grade and lahey gets fired from the force (which is counter to him getting kicked off the force after knowing randy was a hooker or even knowing randy growing up in the park). So assuming they are 12-13 then, then they would have to be around 30-50 years old if the time of most of the series/movies is mid 90s til now (2014).

For example, the boys go to jail quite often yet they either seem to get out early or the time actually starts in like the early 90s (based of the age of Julians Camaro).

The boys (or at least ricky) go to jail for almost total (65.5 months) ~5.45 years. Look under jail time here: I believe not mentioned here, there are also times where the boys mention small bouts of time spent in drunk tanks or in short terms of jail (like when lucy explains how Randy is the father of her 2nd child).

Trinity's apparent age is a useful indicator of time. As are the pregnancies of Lucy, and Tyrone/J-Roc's Hos (and the infants ages when seen).

Time is mentioned for Cyrus et al in prison, however Randy bails them out after X time at an earlier date.

I think other characters mention bouts in jail as well. (Sam Lasco for example)

Treena disappears, which is never addressed, did she become old enough to be emancipated or go off to school? Did she die? I think she was supposed to be 13 in s2, so maybe 3-5 years between season 1 and 2?

Other indicators of damage to cars or changes to sets could indicate time frames.

Here is a TPB forum thread about some timeline stuff:

Here is some info on their operations and time frames.

We can infer some time based on weed grow times (iirc it's about 5-6? months from sapling to harvest with chemicals and correct growing techniques).

We can infer some time (possibly overlap time) for different schemes and operations through out the series (such as when j-roc and T are jacking groceries or stealing suitcases when time is mentioned by the police).

Does anyone ever reference any pop culture? (I think J-roc once mentions Biggie or Tupac or something?) I know Buck65 beats/songs are often slowed down and/or looped in many car or music scenes, it tends to be his older stuff from mid 90s.

Also, the cop cars often change from black to white (this is probably because of set changes?) so if that was to be cannon it could really fuck with the timeline, I think this should be ignored, or perhaps that means that some seasons/movies could possibly be an alternate timeline or not in the order they seem to be.

If I was to wager a guess, I would say that some of the stuff happens in the 90s, possibly huge chunks of time is skipped, then slowed down and/or skipped around during seasons and between movies. And the current time is somewhere around the early 2000s? So with that being the case, the new season and movie would probably skip a lot of time themselves, especially if Trinity is kept the same actress (as she's like 16+ or something now).

PS- Since many things were non cannon or low budget, there will probably be many continuity errors. It could still be possible to guestimate an 'average' timeframe for a timeline if we choose to ignore certain fuckups.

This is all I can think of of the top of my dome knowimsayin, but please fill in any other information or correct anything I am mistaken on.

edit- I also posted this in a a reddit thread

And further explained that even if it could never be totally timelined, we could still try and figure out how much time has passed in each individual movie/season.
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Re: [Q] Timeline within story for everything
« Reply #1 on: Jan 23, 2014, 09:04 PM »
Who fuckin cares, dude? Shit is awesome in any time frame...
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Re: [Q] Timeline within story for everything
« Reply #2 on: Jan 23, 2014, 09:22 PM »
I'm trying to figure out how Canada could have been established 600 yrs. earlier according to a TPB timeline.   :lol:  Some of your quest may have a bit of fun merit, however some events were, in my opinion, never ever conceived for continuity's sake.  Mrs. Peterson, Trina, Levi, Desiree, and several of Julian's girls were never seen again after season 1 and 2.  That could lead some to infer a wicked space/time vortex in the vicinity of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, not merely taking people out, but actually sucking their whole existence out of Sunnyvale.  I liked Candy, Julian's lovely, chocolate sweetheart.  She should have teamed up with Sara, and Lucy in season 2 and beyond.
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Re: [Q] Timeline within story for everything
« Reply #3 on: Jan 27, 2014, 03:42 AM »
Wow, SpoR, you have put a lot of thought into this, but I don't think it was ever meant to be that much continuity within the show.  I think some things are purposely left unexplained because there may have not been enough time for Mike Clattenburg to explore those plotlines any further.  And with Ellen Page's career taking off like it did, it made sense not to write Treena back in.  That's not to say Treena wouldn't have been written back into later seasons, it's just knowing Ellen wouldn't be available anymore to play her, it probably made more sense to leave her out. And with characters ages, to figure out how old Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Lucy, Sarah, Lahey, Randy and all the rest are, it would take all of eternity, so I just say they're ageless. Say what you will about Smith, Tremblay and Wells, they look more handsome in and out of character to me as they are on the show (but I am basing that on the fact I've met them all in person over the last three years) so I don't worry about how old their characters are supposed to be in the show, I just love the show period regardless of timeline.
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