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Author Topic: Perfected Iso Hash Cookies  (Read 3003 times)

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Perfected Iso Hash Cookies
« on: Aug 18, 2011, 06:28 PM »
OK, so I finally got this down to a pretty good science. There is little to no information on how to cook with extracts in various forms. I have been experimenting with iso hash butter for about the last year and have finally gotten it to what I consider perfection today.

My iso hash method: Dank trim or popcorn buds. Preferably slow dried and cured just like your highest quality herb. Pop that in the freezer along with your iso alcohol. Leave it in for at least an hour or two. Take out the trim, and pour the freezing iso over it. Shake for no more than one minute, most people will tell you 30 seconds. Strain through a coffee filter (permanent or paper) into a glass dish. Leave it out over night with a fan on it and scrape up when completely dry.

Easy enough, true? That is the part most people have down...but thats the method I have found to give me the highest quality return.

Now for the cooking.

I have found that anywhere between 1.5 to 2.0 grams should work this way. The last few times I had 1.8 on the scale (it tipped back to 7 when I took this picture.

To achieve the perfect ratio, melt this into 1 and a half sticks of butter. 1 stick on its own simply makes the butter too potent. I say this as no joke. It used to just knock me out and destroy any plans I had for the day. It was extremely intense.

Melt down the butter on medium heat. Toss in your ball of hash and KEEP STIRRING.

Once it has all melted, turn the temperature down to the lowest point you can and have it still bubbling. Keep stirring to avoid any burning for about 2 minutes or so. Just get everything mixed evenly.

Pour the butter into an easy-save container. You can use it immediately or save it in the freezer for up to 6 months.

In my other experiments, I had made 12 cookies from 4 tablespoons (1 stick) of butter. These equaled out to 12 teaspoons - or 1 teaspoon per cookie. I made cookies earlier today from 1 stick of butter (I eyeballed out and saved the half stick). I made 18 cookies from the butter. The butter was already 3/4 strength, and then I made another 6 cookies from the 3/4 strength butter. It equaled out to about .5 of a teaspoon of butter per cookie.

I was still extremely high for about 5 hours from these cookies. So even though each cookie was less than half-strength of my original recipe, they were of very good quality. I just wanted to make an updated tek because I feel that I have finally perfected it, and its difficult if not impossible to find this info around the net. Hopefully this will help out members as well as browsers. Please don't steal this info without giving credit back to this thread