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Author Topic: please read if you saw live show 2011...merch question!!  (Read 1633 times)

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i have a question about the shirts that were sold in the 2011 leg of the DHaU tour.... i wanted to buy the red 3/4 sleeve shirt....on the front it say Trailer Park Boys with pot leafs and the back says Drunk High and Unemployed in 201_.....i was gonna buy one off the tpbstore but it says 2010...i was wondering if the ones sold so far this year said 2011...

i know its weird ... even though i was drunk high and unemployed in 2010....i was at the show in 2011......Just wondering, if the new ones do say 2011 i mite have to wait until theyre available on their store.... even though i waited to buy rickys book, and now its completely unavailable....COCK SUCKER!!!! lol